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Pan fried Razor Clams

The ultimate fast food! You can’t beat fresh razor clams on a sunny day with a good squeeze of lemon and nice chilled glass of dry white wine. Always best when there’s an ‘R’ in the month, and make sure that when you buy them from your fish monger that they shells are closed and the clams retract when you run your finger over the end of them.


8 Fresh razor clams

1 small red chilli (de-seeded and finely chopped)

1 clove of garlic

A dash of white wine

1 tablespoon Olive oil

1 fresh lemon


1. Put a large frying pan on to the hob to warm up, then add the olive oil.

2. Place the razor clams in to the pan. so that each one is touching the base of the pan, along with the garlic and chilli. Leave to cook for approximately 1 minute

3. By now, the clams should have started to open. Give everything a good shake to ensure the clams are nicely coated in all of the oil, chilli and garlic.

4. Position all of the clams so that they are meat side down, with the outside of the shells facing up. Leave to cook on a high heat for a further 3 minutes

5. Serve with all of the delicious juices poured over, and a good wedge of lemon to squeeze over.

Some crusty bread to mop up the juice at the end of definitely advisable!