Interesting sites

As I browse the web and read through endless foodie magazines, I often stumble across some great websites, and then forget what they were – so here’s a log of what I’ve been looking at recently.

The Great British Challenge

My challenge for 2012 – this site contains everything that I’ve done as part of the challenge, and contains links to great British suppliers and resources, as well as a 2012 ‘Best of British calender’ to download.

The Great British Pantry – The best place to buy jams and chutney online (well, I would say that, wouldn’t I!)


An online farmers’ market  – what a GREAT idea!


Jubilee Party tips

Jubilee party tips and competitions from Schweppes and Polly Betton

A nice list of non-alcoholic cocktail recipes

An affordable cookery school in Oxfordshire

Type in your food budget for the week, and out pops a lot of great recipes and a weekly shopping list. A great way to limit food waste and shop on a budget but still have interesting and tasty meals

A pop-up burger restaurant in New Cross

The home of Supper Clubs in the UK

Nigella’s Sticky cocktail sausage recipe

Great vegetarian recipes from Yotam Ottolenghi – and his book, ‘Plenty’ is well worth a purchase!

Make it and Mend It – a site with lots of useful tips and advice from four very ‘real’ and talented ladies

More to Mushrooms – lots of recipes, videos and interesting facts about… mushrooms!

Yes Peas! – Recipes using peas, jokes about peas, and even ‘ode’ to a pea!

What Katie Ate…

Some beautiful food photography on this site

Everything Stops for Tea – a great place to buy vintage tea cups and saucers plus lots more…

At Anna’s kitchen table

A nice blog with some great family recipes

The Westerham Brewery

Shoreham Hop Shop

A butchers, lavender field, hops and a great farm shop

Dennis Of Bexley

An independent family run butchers in Bexley

The Idler

Bookshop, coffee house & school – loads of great advice for budding foodie businesses and foragers

Bakery Bits

Some very useful items on this site for the artisan baker – bread baskets for proving etc.

We are Waterloo

An interesting site with restaurants bars and latest news listings for Waterloo, London

A foodie map of the world


Together Design

A very cool branding agency selling some foodie wears that they’ve also created – one day I’d LOVE to be able to commission them to design my packaging!


How to write a recipe book 

I love this …


Bistro pop 

Have a chef come to your home and cook for your dinner party guests, wash up and leave you to enjoy a nice tidy house


Karma Cans

Get a healthy (but rather expensive) lunch delivered to your desk


Food Blogger connect

Food blogger events and workshops plus a great blog with lots of foodie ideas

Stumbled across an interesting site that you’d like to share? Please email it in to us at


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