tomato and garlic pasta

Tomato & garlic pasta

tomato and garlic pasta

Sometimes it’s the simple things that are the best – this dish is super tasty and easy, nice and cheap, and only uses four ingredients (plus seasoning!)


Pasta (cooked as per pack instructions x 2 adult portions)

2 tablespoons extra virgin olive oil

2 large garlic cloves, crushed

1 x 400g tin of plum tomatoes

Sea salt & ground black pepper

– serves 2 –


1. Cook the pasta as per pack instructions then leave to one side (toss in some cold water once it’s boiled and then drain and this will prevent it sticking together in one solid lump)

2. In a saucepan on a medium high heat, add the extra virgin olive oil and the garlic. Stir for a minute, until the oil has been infused with the garlic smells and flavours.

3. Add the tomatoes – squidge them through your fingers as you transfer from tin to pan and leave to simmer (lid off) until the sauce has reduced (around 10 minutes)

4. Season well to taste, then toss in the pasta, coat it in the sauce and cook until hot. Check for final seasoning and serve.



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