Toasted crumpets and warm berries, yoghurt and honey

Well well… I never thought I’d be looking to the Hairy Bikers for a healthy breakfast suggestion, but their new approach to tasty healthy food has got my taste buds going. I’m loving their new BBC show ‘Hairy Dieters: How to love food and lose weight’ – which for me is a first, as I don’t usually enjoy watching them. It’s been an honest and inspiring series, and I can’t wait to try out their pasta free lasagne next weekend. If you want to try out any of their recipes, visit

You’ll see that I’ve slightly tweaked their crumpets recipe – mainly due to the fact that I only had strawberries, and I was cooking for one – and didn’t really fancy the mixed spice.


2 x crumpets

Handful of fresh strawberries

egg cup full of water

2 dessert spoons of 10% fat Greek yogurt

Squeeze of good honey


1. Toast the crumpets on both sides

2. Dry fry the strawberries until they start to release their juices and slightly soften

3. Remove the strawberries from the pan and pop on top of the crumpets (note – no butter needed!!)

4. Return the pan to a high heat and pour in the water to de-glaze. Leave for a few seconds to bubble, then pour over the crumpets and strawberries

5. Add a dollop of Greek yogurt to each of the crumpets, then squeeze over the honey.

Enjoy 🙂


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