Matcha green tea yoghurt ice cream

The sun is out, and it’s making me feel all summery so I thought I’d share with you, the recipe for ‘Snog’s‘ Matcha green tea yoghurt ice cream. It’s absolutely delicious, has great health benefits (plenty of antioxidants) and can be topped with all kinds of things – my favourite is strawberries, but I know they’re not in season at the moment so you could use other berries, or even chocolate drops and honey – yumm!. If you’re struggling to find Matcha green tea powder at a decent price, you can either leave it out all together, or buy online at a fraction of the price that the supermarkets sell it for, from the Matcha tea factory


3 cups of greek yoghurt (full fat)

1 cup of semi skimmed milk

3 tablespoons lemon juice

1 teaspoon Matcha green tea powder

1 cup of Agave nectar (you can buy it from supermarkets, or health food shops)


1. Put all of the ingredients in to a mixing jug and whisk together until nice and smooth

2. Pop in to the ice cream maker until set, or if you don’t have one – put in to a shallow plastic tub, place in the freezer and then remove after 1 hour and give it a good stir to break up all of the ice crystals. return to the freezer and do the same thing half an hour later, then once it’s set it’s ready to eat.

Enjoy with toppings of your choice – and some winter sunshine 🙂


One thought on “Matcha green tea yoghurt ice cream

  1. Did you know it was NATIONAL PIE DAY TODAY (23 Feb)? Didn’t know until we changed our name in twitter to pienmashfilms all while your Dad was in the kitchen making a chicken and mushroom pie (which he’s never done!) – spooky aye?
    LOVE your site darling (but I am biased!)
    Love you and thanks for giving us all so much inspiration with our grub 🙂
    Mum x

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