Halloumi and red pepper parcels

A nice quick starter to make for the BBQ.


A jar of Paprikaschoten peppers (pickled red bell peppers)

Halloumi cheese

Sage leaves

Gound black pepper


1. Take a whole pepper from the jar, slice a 1cm thick slice of halloumi and wrap it in the pepper

2. Add once leaf of fresh sage inbetween the halloumi and pepper

3. Season and then place onto the BBQ or under a grill to cook for approx 5 minutes each side, or until the cheese has softened



2 thoughts on “Halloumi and red pepper parcels

    1. Hi Sinead,

      Thanks for your comment! You could certainly cook it indoors, but I’d suggest doing it under a grill rather than in the oven so that you can still get the slightly browned off look to the peppers. You’ll also need to cook them for a little longer as it won’t be as hot as the BBQ, so keep going until the cheese has started to warm and melt.


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