Welcome Olive readers!

O-M-G!! I was surprised and delighted to hear from a friend this morning that my blog has been featured in the July issue of Olive Magazine as ‘Reader Blog of the month’. So welcome, if you’re new to my blog and heard about it in Olive! I hope you have fun searching for recipes, and reading through my foodie inspired updates. Please, please leave a message and let me know what you think of the site. I have great fun writing it, and am always looking for suggestions to make things better, or to hear about recipes that people would like me to feature – you can even be a guest blogger if you like?! Comment on the site, or alternatively drop an email to whatiatelastnight@hotmail.com

If I’d recommend that you make just one thing from my site, it would have to be my Limoncello Tart that I created for a Come Dine with Me dinner with my friends – it’s delish!

Enjoy! and thank you Olive 🙂


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