‘Used up’ lamb samosas

Running out of ideas for your lamb left over from Easter?! Here’s the perfect tasty solution. The basis of this samosa recipe came from Favediets but we’ve made it a little simpler and adapted it to use up our leftover lamb. You could either remove the lamb completely for a veggie option, or alternatively swap it for a different meat such as chicken or beef…


2 x large white potatoes

1 medium sized white onion

1 tablespoon nigella seeds

1 dessert spoon cumin powder

1 dessert spoon garam masal

1 dessert spoon tamarind

1 teaspoon medium curry powder

2 tablespoons chopped fresh coriander

1 cup of frozen peas

Left over chopped up lamb meat

1 pack filo pastry

Large knob of melted butter

Sea salt & cracked black pepper to season

– makes approx 10 samosas –


1. Chop the potatoes in to small centimeter square cubes. Add to boiling water and simmer until they’re just soft (approx 7 minutes) add the frozen peas at the last minute before draining

2. Finely chop the onion and place in to a large bowl with the potatoes and peas

3. Add in all spices and the rest of the ingredients (except the lamb and butter) – give a good mix. Cover and leave to rest for half an hour

4. Take a sheet of filo pastry and fold three times length ways

5. Take a large spoonful of the mixture and place on the bottom right corner of the pastry, then add some of the lamb on top.

6. Fold the bottom right corner up into a triangle shape, bringing the mixture with it, then fold the triangle down and keep going until you are left with a triangle fold of the pastry left. Brush the edges of this with some of the melted butter, and finish off the fold to seal the samosa.

7. Brush the outside of the samosa with melted butter and when they’re all made, place on a baking tray

8. Pop the samosas into the oven for 20 minutes on gasmark 6 or until they are golden and crispy

Enjoy with a big dollop of greek yoghurt and some fresh finely chopped mint


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