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Thanks to Maria for sending in this lovely tomato and sweetcorn soup…

Fancy a simple healthy homemade soup but don’t have much in the cupboard? Here’s what I blitzed up last night: Creamy tomato & sweetcorn soup (cooking time – 10 minutes!)


1 tin of peeled plum tomatoes

3 cloves of garlic

1 medium onion

1 Small tin of sweetcorn

Ground Black Pepper

Chilly pepper (optional)

One vegetable stock cube

Dash of soy sauce/worcester sauce

Quarter cup of milk
Rustic Crusty bread (I used a delicious Turkish flatbread)

– serves 3-4 –


1. Gently soften the chopped onions and garlic in a little olive oil.

2. Add the tin of tomatoes and half of a small tin of sweetcorn and the stock cube (previously dissolved in a little boiling water).

3. Blitz the lot together in the saucepan with a hand blender, once you’ve got it to a smooth consistency add the milk and blitz again.

4. Put your rustic bread in the oven to warm.

5. Put the soup back on to gently simmer, add the remaining sweetcorn, pepper, chilli, soy/worcester sauce and salt (if you use it).

6. Dish up and serve with lovely warm crusty bread.


3 thoughts on “Creamy tomato and sweetcorn soup – Guest blogger

  1. Just made this now – really simple and really delicious! Used a blender. Good to use for weekday lunches. Mmmm! x

    1. Glad you liked it Jess! I’ll be adding a ‘vegetarian’ section to the blog soon I think you’ll be pleased to know!

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