Banoffee trifle

Picture 4

Two of my favourite desserts – banoffee pie, and trifle. I came up with this recipe one night when I had a craving for either, but didn’t have the right ingredients to make one so had to mix – the outcome is heaven! 



1 small tin condensed milk

4 digestive biscuits 

1 ripe banana 

one piece of chocolate (finely grated) 

4 tablespoons cold custard 

– serves 2 – 



1. Boil the condensed milk in a saucepan of water for 2 hours (ensure the tin is covered and keep topping up the water so that the pan doesn’t run dry) 

2. Smash up the digestive biscuits and place into two ramekins 

3. Slice the banana and place a layer on top of the biscuit base 

4. add a tablespoon of the custard to each of the ramekins 

5. Once the condensed milk has cooled, spread a layer on top of the custard then add another layer of banana, another layer of the milk and then then finish with a final layer of the custard and sprinkle the chocolate over the top. 



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