The perfect pancake


It’s pancake day!! Follow this perfect pancake recipe and all you’ll have to worry about is getting you flipping technique right….

180g plain flour

200ml milk

2 x eggs

pinch salt

1 tablespoon sugar

75ml water

200ml milk

30g butter (melted) plus extra for frying

– serves 4-



1. sieve the flour into a mixing bowl 

2. add to the flour the salt, sugar, eggs, milk, water and melted butter 

3. whisk until you have a smooth, silky consistency with no lumps

4. Heat a non-stick frying pan on the hob and add a small nob of butter to the centre. Once melted, pour in a ladel full of the mixture move the pan around so that the mixture is spread evenly. Leave for approximately 40 seconds, or until you can see that the mixture has begun to set 

5. remove the pan from the heat, tilt it forwards so that the pancakes slips slightly to the edge and then flick the frying pan so that you toss over the pancake. 

6. Heat the other side for a further 40 seconds (or until a nice patchy golden brown colour)

7. Place on a plate and then serve with your favourite toppings… 

      – banana, chocolate sauce and cream?

      – lemon and sugar?

      – grand marnier, lemon and sugar?

      – perhaps savoury ham and cheese?

Whichever topping you are – enjoy! and happy Shrove Tuesday.


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